Guidelines for Sellers and Purchasers

Media Beach has been designed as a free market whereby Sellers can set their own prices and conduct auctions. Content will sell when Purchasers agree on the price or place the highest bid.

Notes for Sellers

Sellers may wish to consider the following factors when setting a price to improve their chances of selling Content:

  • Media Beach gives Sellers the options of choosing the Licence Territory in which the Content is available to for sale (be it an entire region such as Asia, or several regions, or even worldwide), and the relevant price offered for rights in that Licence Territory. Some regions may include more potential Purchasers that will compete harder for Content, or include larger Purchasers that will share the Content with their affiliates and so be willing to pay more. Other regions may be smaller markets with more local broadcasters with limited funding.  Similarly, one would expect that a ‘worldwide’ rights offering would justify a higher price than rights limited to one region.  It is up to the Seller to nominate and price the Licence Territory for their Content as they see fit. 
  • It is critical that the Seller has the necessary intellectual property rights to license the Content in the Licence Territory they nominate (be it worldwide or otherwise).
  • A Seller may select a region as the Licence Territory but exclude particular countries from that region to ensure they do not infringe third party rights in those countries (for example).  If you wish to exclude particular countries from the License Territory you must list those countries in the Restrictions box.
  • Purchasers will generally place more value on Content that is available with supplementary files, such as photos, text, scripts or additional video, which may be uploaded with the primary file.
  • Similarly, Purchasers will be more attracted to Content which is available with contact details they can follow up for assistance, for example to arrange an interview or live cross.
  • For Content offered via auction, if the Seller nominates the Licence Territory to be ‘Worldwide’, they will not also be able to offer such Content in an individual region (because rights offered via auction are exclusive rights throughout the Licence Territory).

The Media Beach Exchange is not intended to be an archive for Sellers.  It is intended to be used for the sale and purchase of current and topical Content, and Sellers should refresh Content regularly.


Notes for Purchasers

Purchasers may share the Content with their corporate and broadcast affiliates, as provided in these T&Cs, as long as they purchase the rights for the all the relevant territories in which those affiliates operate (and this may mean entering more than one transaction for the same piece of Content as the Seller may offer different licences in different territories at different prices).

Purchasers need to make sure they (and their affiliates) geo-block any websites they put the Content on so that it is only viewable in the territory they have purchased rights for.

When Purchasers purchase Content under a fixed price sale the rights they are getting are non-exclusive in that Licence Territory (excluding any countries excluded by the Seller in the Restrictions box). When Purchasers purchase Content by auction, the rights they are getting are exclusive and the Content will be removed for sale as soon as the transaction has been completed.

Always check the Restrictions box to check if any countries are excluded from the Licence Territory you are seeking to buy rights for - the Seller may have excluded your country from the licence they are offering for that Content (even though you are able to browse and see it on the Exchange)

Purchasers can complete an auction transaction early and use the Content exclusively without waiting for the expiry of the auction by opting to pay the ’Buy It Now’ price, where indicated.